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Clock Repair and Restoration

It all started with a small cuckoo clock bought at an estate sale a few years back now it has turned into a passion.

Have a clock that was passed down through the generations?

Or do you have one that you have stowed away in an attic or closet because you had no one to repair it at a reasonable price? Well now you can dig that old clock out and contact us.

Repair Information and Rates

At this time we only repair clocks locally. They can either be brought to us or we can make a house call for an additional fee.

We are equipped to clean, restore or repair almost any type of weight driven or spring wound clock. These include cuckoos, mantles, wall, and floor clocks.

We appreciate the beauty of an heirloom or flea market find and we love being able to see our customers once again enjoy their treasure as well. For this reason we try our best to keep our fees low.

To diagnose a problem with your clock we charge a $35.00 fee. This fee includes a thorough cleaning, oiling, and problem diagnosis. Believe it or not most of the time a clock only needs cleaned & oiled.

If your clock would need any further repairs you would be made aware of any additional fees for parts & labor before we continue working on your clock.

If you would prefer us to come to you as may be needed with a larger clock (grandfather, grandmother) the fee is an additional $20.00.

Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions or concerns at lehoskyscuriosityshop@verizon.net or you can call 724-757-9316.



Clocks For Sale

We sometimes come across a beautiful antique clock while at a flea market or yard sale. We bring them home and give them the TLC that they need. If you are interested in purchasing a restored clock please contact us at lehoskyscuriosityshop@verizon.net or call 724-757-9316. If we don't have what you are looking for we may be able to find it for you.